•  It is high recommended that the mattress is flipped from time to time. This is to reduce pressure from one side of the mattress.
  •   One of the most important factors that contributes in giving the best comfort is the surface under the mattress. Most beds consist of wooden boards that the mattress is put on. In this case, it is recommended that the boards should be close to each others as much as possible. This gives a better supportive surface to springs movement. On the other hand, some beds come with one wooden board which is considered the best situation.
  • Choosing the right size is also among the best factors in a buying a new mattress.
  • In the case of wood box beds, size should be taken from inside and it is also recommended that the size of the mattress is slightly less than the box size.
  • When buying a new mattress, the specifications of each type should be taken into consideration to be suitable to each buyers needs.
  • When buying a mattress, it is recommended to buy a cover along with it. This gives more comfort in sleeping and protects the mattress.